Our Speakers

Frank Derville


Head of Orange Phone Innovation Program

How can we handle better complex cases and improve First Call Resolution?

  • Customer relationship, particularly in the field of Telecommunications, has been deeply changed by the successive revolutions of the web, the mobile apps and finally by the recent emergence of virtual assistants. These 3 steps have enabled the customers to become more and more independent on most simple questions and have concentrated more complex cases that may require a follow-up over time, on the agents.
  • This phenomenon continues, driven by the progress in AI, leading to new approaches for handling customer requests, making it possible to imagine a “one to one” relationship in the consumer market in the long term.
  • In the short-term innovative call handling and smart orchestration allow customers to stay in contact with the same agent until the complete resolution of their problem?
  • My presentation will describe a telephony solution called “my dedicated agent” recently deployed among several hundred call center agents and field technicians at Orange, which enabled a significant breakthrough in the customers’ satisfaction.
Frank Derville Photo Orange Logo

Elizabeth Ajala

Monzo Bank

Director of Complaints and Disputes.

Providing fair customer outcomes through data insight and process improvements.

  • Recognizing the changing consumer behavior and preferences.
  • Using behavioral data and insights to further understand customer preferences.
  • Focusing on Process Improvements to maximise customer engagement.
  • Understanding and supporting the vulnerable customers.
Elizabeth Ajala Photo Monzo Bank  Logo

Marco Merkx


Global Customer Engagement Leader

Let's talk, not assume.

  • Grow customer engagement and loyalty via selective personalization.
  • Alternative approaches for personalized interaction and experience at scale.
  • Create unique, valuable long-term customer relationships.
Marco Merkx Photo IKEA Logo

Burcu Begic

A1 Telekom

Director of Customer Services

Connecting the dots- using relevant content for digitalization and creating value.

  • Creative value through Customer care function – transition from lower-skill cost center to higher-skill profit center- how to turn cost center to profit center with creating a good experience.
  • It is possible by Making Digital care channels the starting point of customer interactions- where content needs to be digitalized, and where content needs to be creating value.
Burcu Begic Photo A1 Telekom Logo

Natasja Wientjes

DHL Parcel Benelux

Senior Director Customer Service

Together connected with talent

  • As a company, we have a strategy to be number 1 for customers, employers and investors
  • How do we transform into a service organization?
  • Using talents, data & digitalization
  • Results so far
Natasja Wientjes  Photo DHL Parcel Benelux Logo

Joao Simoes


Head of Digital Care Tribe

Conversational AI on the core of the digital transformation strategy

  • Customer centricity and digital transformation strategy.
  • Setup, launch, and initial delivery of customer service journeys.
  • Growing strategies to monetize conversational AI investment.
  • Improving customer experience across all channels.
Joao Simoes  Photo Vodafone Logo
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